The sport economy volume in Finland was around 3 billion euro (2005). This figure includes direct sport consumption, but excludes incidental consumption or multiplicative effects. The main financiers of the Finnish sport and physical exercise are households, municipalities, employers, state and sponsors.

Households are the largest sport expenditure in Finland with around 1,8 billion euro funding.

Municipalities finance sport about 750 million euros annually (including investments). Approximately 7 million euros is used annually directly for adapted physical activity (APA) services in the municipalities. This amount consists of APA instructors’ salaries, operating costs, aids for local associations etc.

The government finances annually physical activity and performance sports with 150 million euros. About 98 % of the government finance is from the proceeds of gaming activities (Veikkaus). Ministry of Education and Culture allocates the finances of the government for sport and physical activity in the form of general grants and special grants. Grants are allocated mainly for national sport and physical activity organisations, municipalities and for sports training centres that are eligible for government grants.

In 2016 the government supported national sport and physical activity associations with 40 million euros and local sports clubs with 4 million euros. About 2,8 million euros (7 %) from the sum of the national associations was given to the organisations that were promoting APA and disability sport.

Sports facility construction was financed with about 28 million euros in 2016. To get construction aid, accessibility issues must be in order.

Different kinds of development projects were funded with about 20 million euros in 2016. Approximately 0,6 million euros (3 %) was given to the projects that developed physical activity of disabled, chronically ill and elderly people. Municipalities and Sports training centres were supported both with 19 million euros. A part of that support was used into the adapted physical activity, such as APA instructors’ education and salaries.

In 2016 sport research projects were funded with 2,5 million euros. In recent years approximately 5-15% of ministry sport research funding was allocated to APA-related research.

In addition, government funded among other things grants for Finnish top athletes with disabilities and their attendance to Rio Paralympic Games 2016.

Here you can find more information about governments grants for sport and physical exercise.

Photo: The Finnish Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities (VAU )
Diagram: Saku Rikala (LTS), based on Teijo Pyykkönen and Jouko Kokkonen 2017.


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